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After reading is an article written after reading a book, an article, a paragraph, or a few famous quotes, and writing specific feelings and enlightenment. After reading, it can also be called reading notes, a commonly used style of application, and it is also a study of applied writing. One of the styles. 017 I feel one after reading Hua Zhong: Today I have previewed 13 lessons of "Hua Zhong". The text talks about the difference in the opening time of several flowers such as morning glory, water lily, marigold, and tobacco flower, because the opening of each flower is closely related to temperature, temperature, and light. For example, the petals of the epiphylla are large and large Delicate Parliament Cigarettes, strong sunlight during the day, high temperature, and dry air. If it blooms during the day, there is a risk of burns Marlboro Red. Late night temperatures are too low, and blooming is not suitable. Therefore, it adapts to the temperature and temperature around 9 o'clock at night. , Quietly blooming elegant flower buds, showing people a beautiful smile. By studying this text, I feel so magical, as long as I master the time spent, I also master the time of the clock. Feeling two after reading the 2017 Flower Clock: Today, I learned the text "Flower Clock" and learned a lot. At four o'clock, the morning glory opens. At five, seven, twelve, and three in the afternoon, roses, water lilies, midday flowers, and marigolds bloomed. At six o'clock, seven o'clock, eight o'clock, and nine o'clock, tobacco flowers, danguang flowers, night scented flowers, and epiphylla flowers. The sun is strong during the day, the temperature is high, and the air is dry. Flowering during the day may cause burns! The temperature is low at night, and the flowering is not suitable. For a long time, different plants have been suitable for opening at different times. If I were a botanist, I would plant water lilies and marigolds to get up easily, planting noontime flowers for lunch, planting tobacco flowers to watch "Xiyangyang and Big Big Wolf", planting moonlight flowers to watch "Monkey King", and planting night fragrant. Watch "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and Dinosaur Baby Warrior of the Dragon God, planting epiphyllum is convenient for watching "Anime World". Flowers contain a lot of knowledge. After reading the 017 Flower Clock, you will feel three: Spring flowers bloom, and there are more flowers in the garden! There are noontime flowers, hops, morning glory, rose flowers, nightshade, peony, lotus, half-flowered lotus ... but you Do you know the time it takes to open? If you do n��t know, please listen to me slowly. Noon flowers bloom at noon, hops bloom at three o'clock in the morning, morning glory blooms at four o'clock, rose flowers bloom at five o'clock, solanum flowers bloom at six o'clock, peony flowers bloom at seven o'clock Online Cigarettes, lotus flowers bloom at seven o'clock, Scutellaria barbata opens at ten o'clock. How about, do you know the magic of these flowers? If we can know the opening time of all the flowers, we can invent a flower clock. If the number on the clock is replaced with a flower, that's a good high-tech
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