BD: As you may or may not know, ESPNs Grantland is doing a hip-hop bracket to see who the best rap group in history is, as voted

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BD: As you may or may not know, ESPNs Grantland is doing a hip-hop bracket to see who the best rap group in history is, as voted by the fans. Edgar Martinez Jersey . Its Wu-Tang and Outkast in the final. Now, we all know youve played the role of Andre 3000 in the past, does that mean Outkast is getting your vote?AJ: You know it, you know it. Thats who.BD: The bucket hat has made a surprising return to fashion, something youve been seen rocking. Out of these items, which ones will people be dusting off with a Swiffer and bringing back? First, tearaway pants, of the court of course.AJ: (laughs) Tearaway pants? off the court? I donno man. Off the court, I dont think Ive ever really seen those off the court. BD: (laughs) Like those ones with the Kappa logos running down the side?AJ: Nahh. Unless youre in the bedroom doing some freaky like stuff, like whoosh! (motions ripping away pants). But I dont think those are coming back.BD: Ruff Ryders chain Pendants? From DMXs group.AJ: I dont think Ive ever seen those before, (turns to his friend Veezy) have you ever seen the Ruff Ryder chains?VZ: Nah, that must have been only up here in Toronto AJ: Yeah, in L.A. I dont think we ever had no Ruff Ryders chains. BD: (laughs) Alright, I guess just here. And finally, full velour track suits?AJ: Those are coming back. I think a lot of big dudes, like Rick Ross and the DJ Khaleds are wearing the velour suits. I think those will comeback. BD: Nightmare Before Christmas, obviously youre a huge fan of it. AJ: Yes, yes. Got it tatted (lifts pant leg to show tattoo) BD: Weve also seen the cufflinks, would you ever possibly consider wearing the whole Jack Skellington suit as your pre-game attire? AJ: I would, I really would. Even as a Halloween costume, its my all-time favourite. BD: Now, we interviewed Mike Tyson last week... AJ: (chuckles) BD: He told us about the struggles of his first time playing hockey. Whens the last time you were out on the ice, and how did you fair? AJ: Mike played hockey? BD: (laughs) Yeah he did, he said he tried goalie and that he was on the ground most of the time. When did you try it out last? AJ: Actually, when Jay Triano was the coach here. Jay was a big hockey guy and we had the ice down there at the ACC. And I also played a pick-up hockey game. I didnt know you could play pick-up hockey. I played a game and I basically stayed in one spot. I couldnt move. I couldnt move at all, so guys were just flying past me and I was like "pass me the puck", but nobody passed it to me. But I guess thats considered playing. BD: If you had to pick one member of the team to learn how to play hockey, who would you choose ? AJ: Id probably say JV (Jonas Valanciunas), I dont know if he ice skates at all. But Id pick him. BD: So youre here for Swiffer, showing people how to "man clean", what does it mean to be man clean to you? AJ: Man clean is basically owning up to your cleanness swagger, and telling guys "we do clean." But in a simple way by using Swiffer. So, just owning up to cleaning, and showing men can clean. BD: And which teammate would you say has to get down with this program the most? AJ: Oh, T.Ross (Terrence Ross) for sure. Just by seeing his locker, it doesnt look too put together. And Ill guarantee you if you go to his place its probably not clean. Threw him under the bus, just like that (laughs) BD: In one of your Instagram videos you had Austin Daye (former Raptor) stuck in the snow with his Porsche Panamera. AJ: (laughs) Aw yeah, that was hilarious. BD: (laughs) So which Swiffer tool would you use, or which might be handy to a man caught in a jam that involves snow? AJ: In a jam with snow...well just to have a luxury car in snow, that was just not smart. But Id say hed probably need a shovel to get him out the snow. BD: (laughs) Would any of the Swiffer tools help out with that? AJ: I mean you could probably use a Swiffer sweeper or a Wet Jet. But Id probably go with the sweeper because the Wet Jet might just turn everything into ice. So that would probably just make it worse. BD: Can you go BarDown? AJ: Nah, that must be pretty tough though to aim it so it goes bar down. Cant do that, but I can curve it (soccer ball). I know how to do that. I actually played a bit of soccer. But I was mostly a goalie because of my long arms. But Ive curved the ball before, from a corner kick. So yeah, I was good (smiles). Jean Segura Jersey . With one week left in the regular season, Cornish - voted The Toughest Player To Bring Down - is a leading candidate for the CFLs Most Outstanding Player award. He has rushed for 1,799 yards and could break Willie Burdens club record for rushing yards in a single season with a 98-yard performance against the B. Ichiro Suzuki Jersey . -- Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe was alert and recovering at a Denver hospital Saturday after suffering seizure-like symptoms when the teams bus pulled into the airport Friday afternoon for the flight to Kansas City. .Y. -- Major League Soccer has agreed to new measures to protect gay players from discrimination and harassment as a result of meetings with New Yorks attorney general.Newcastle winger Matt Ritchie joined the EFL Weekly podcast for 10 to tackle this week, and revealed Grant Hanleys secret talent. Ritchie joined Rafael Benitezs side from Bournemouth in a £12m deal over the summer and has quickly settled into life at St James Park, scoring once and providing three assists in 11 Championship appearances so far. LISTEN: EFL Weekly EFL Weekly podcast including Matt Ritchie, Neil Warnock, Karl Robinson The Scotland international discussed Newcastles hopes for the season, his worst moment in football to date, and Hanleys initiation song... Which team do you support?Portsmouth. They are my boyhood club and I look out for their results. They are in my favourites on my Sky Sports Score Centre app! Hopefully they can get promoted too. Ive not been to Fratton Park for a long while but I always keep an eye out and I have a few friends there as well.Where will Newcastle finish in the Sky Bet Championship this season?The aim is top of the league. Dont get me wrong, its a tough league and I dont say that lightheartedly. Its going to be a tough, long season but hopefully we get progressively better and keep winning games. Matt Ritchie (number 11) joined Newcastle from Bournemouth What do your team-mates call you?Just Matty, simple as that.Best thing about playing for Newcastle?Probably the support you receive from the fans, who are fantastic. Playing with that pressure is something I really enjoy. Its a fantastic stadium to play in when you get 52,000, and Im really enjoying it. Highlights of Newcastles 1-0 win over Rotherham from the Sky Bet Championship. Kyle Seager Jersey. Closest friends in football?I have a few buddies back at Bournemouth. Harry Arter and Franno [Simon Francis] are the guys I speak to the most. Watch NOW TV Watch Sky Sports for just £6.99. No contract. Toughest opponent?Its a difficult one to answer, but I probably have to say Huddersfield, who were the best team we have played so far this season. The way they pressed the ball was impressive and they are a good side.Best moment in football so far?Its a close one between winning at Stamford Bridge with Bournemouth and winning promotion to the Premier League with Bournemouth. I remember the night we did it against Bolton and I scored. That game was special. Matt Ritchie (right) spent four years at Bournemouth Worst moment in football so far?Earlier in my career I was relegated at Swindon, and obviously no-one likes to be involved in a relegation battle. Its either that or not qualifying for Euro 2016 with Scotland. That was disappointing as well. Matt Ritchie won his first Scotland cap in 2015 Strangest rumour you have heard about yourself?The rumour I was linked with Manchester United was a strange one! Im not sure where that one came from!What was your initiation song?It was Songbird by Oasis. I did OK but Id say Grant Hanley was the best one weve had this season. He did When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating. You have to get him on the podcast because hes got a bit to be fair to him!You can watch Englands tour of Bangladesh, plus Premier League football and the Japan Grand Prix on Sky Sports. Upgrade now and enjoy three months at half price! Also See: Newcastle edge past Rotherham Rafa hails work ethic Sissoko wanted earlier move EFL on Sky: 10 in 10 returns China Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys China Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China ' ' '

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